In this zoo game you play a trucker employed by the Lowry Park Zoo to carry...
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This is one of the zoo games that deal more in causing mayhem in a zoo than in...
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Welcome to Zoo Volley, the only game (and indeed the only place at all...) that...
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In 2007 a young man, presumed to be under the influence of alcohol after visiting the Belgrade Beer fest fell into a bear enclosure in the Belgrade Zoo, which is located on the grounds of a medieval fortress. He...}
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The zoo was originally opened in 1844, but was almost entirely destroyed in during World War 2, at the end of which only 91, of over 3000 animals which lived there before the war, survived. After the end of the...}
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The well thought-out and designed habitats in this zoo mean that the animals feel less stressed by captivity and are more likely to breed, fulfilling one of the main purposes of the Singapore Zoo – to help preserve...}
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Zoo Frenzy Game

Zoo Frenzy is a game where you play some sort of zoo guide who greets people as they come into the zoo and then takes them to see what they want to see. The fact that the entire zoo is about 20 metres square and that the animals are packed into cages tighter than sardines into a tin doesn't seem to bother anyone.

So it seems in this particular zoo that people give the guide $10 for taking them anywhere, and the aim of the game is to make the requisite amount of money on each level. It starts off pretty easy, with each person just wanting to visit a single thing on any one visit. Be careful, though, as the game tries to catch you out as you progress further into it when people first ask to go to one place, then hang around there and ask to go to another!

If you have any kind of inclincations towards being some kind of hostess or event organizer then this game might well be for you. You can test out your skills and see if you've got what it takes to point really stupid people in the right direction before they get angry for having to wait for too long.

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